“Treviso is the oasis next door”: So states the New York Times

10 JUNE 2019
“Treviso is the oasis next door”: So states the New York Times
The site of the famous US newspaper is famous for the beauty of the capital of the Brand, defining it as a valid alternative to Venice which is now besieged by too many tourists.

After being reported by the English “The Telegraph” as one of the 22 European cities to visit, Treviso has received another special mention from what many consider as one of the most important newspapers in the world. The official website of the “New York Times” published in the past few hours an important article signed by Jason Horowitz, head of the Italian and Vatican City editorial staff for the New York newspaper, dedicated to the capital of the Marca. The title is emblematic and describes Treviso as a real “next door oasis” where you can take refuge to find some peace and tranquility compared to the increasingly chaotic Venice. Just like the lagoon city, Treviso is also full of canals to visit (in the cover of the article, an image of the Buranelli was placed by chance) but the much less chaotic presence of tourists makes it ideal for a quiet visit among the beauties. of the Veneto area. The “New York Times” reporter was pleasantly impressed by the Med restaurant, overlooking the canal, where he stopped for dinner. The visit to the Rectors’ Chapel, defined by the journalist as «the most beautiful pawnshop I have seen in the world», was dazzling. Unmissable stops in the typical taverns of the city such as Muscoli and Toni da Spin. The monuments in the center are marvelous: from the Pescheria area to the Fountain of Tits, mentioned in the long article in the New York newspaper. A really not bad business card for Treviso which, in Horowitz’s plans, had to be just a quick visit to break from chaotic Venice, but transformed into a pleasant surprise to be discovered thanks to the advice of Antonella Stelitano, head of the institutional area and of the Cassamarca Foundation, which indicated Horowitz the best places to visit in the capital of Marca. After being featured in the Telegraph and New York Times, Treviso is increasingly becoming one of the gems to visit for international tourism in Europe. A city on a human scale that knows how to surprise those who are not at ease in the chaos of the great cities of art such as Venice. Destinations increasingly taken by assault which, according to the journalist of the “New York Times”, should become a “limited number”. The peace of Treviso, an oasis of tranquility not far from the lagoon, remains to be discovered.

Article taken from www.trevisotoday.it

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