Vallevecchia di Caorle (Ve), a birdwatchers’ paradise

15 APRIL 2014
Vallevecchia di Caorle (Ve), a paradise for birdwatchers
Vallevecchia of Caorle (Ve),
a paradise for birdwatchers

What a Valley! Roe deer at the edge of the pine forest, cranes grazing in the cultivated fields, a world of songs and wings hidden between the reeds and the open clearings.

ValleVecchia once again confirms itself as the area of ​​choice for nature photography enthusiasts and birdwatchers looking for new images and rich emotions.

The area, between Caorle and Bibione (VE), 800 hectares of nature and agriculture, is home to one of the most interesting pilot and demonstration farms in the region. Here Veneto Agriculture experiments production activities capable of generating income for the primary sector while maintaining maximum sustainability and environmental compatibility. Indeed, the area of ​​cultivated fields is itself an important habitat for many animal species; in particular the gray geese that in winter and spring stop in large flocks on the cultivated fields.

To facilitate the observation of the animals, several observation points and two roof terraces have been created, from where it is possible to see, invisible to the “guests” of the Valley, the large bodies of water of the wetlands and the life that swarms in and around them. .

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