Verdiso IGT

Verdiso IGT

Verdiso is a centuries-old grape variety, indigenous to the Trevigiana Altamarca.
Lively dry, with hints of unripe apple and a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is of medium alcohol content, enjoyable with lean appetizers, fish, spring risottos with herbs.

The characteristics of Verdiso

Verdiso is a wine with a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, with a faint, subtle, delicate, fine, slightly fruity aroma. The body is slender, the taste is fresh and salty, with a good and pleasant acidity. Overall harmonious and well present in the mouth. It is often accompanied by a light carbonation which makes it pleasantly drinkable.

The types that are now on the market are:

Quiet or vintage petillant: obtainable in the warmest and most ventilated areas, in vintages that allow the grapes to ripen well.
Sparkling “with bottom”: traditional, dry and rustic is historical memory and wine curiosity.
Sparkling obtained in autoclave: interesting product because Verdiso is a good sparkling base for its chemical and organoleptic characteristics. Refermentation can increase taste and aroma thanks also to the possibility of leaving the most appropriate residual sugar.
Martinotti method sparkling wine: Verdiso is also a good sparkling base. Much attention must be paid at the time of bottling to the overpressure due to carbon dioxide which must never be excessive, in addition, the residual sugar must be checked, which must be in good harmony with the often high acidity.
Vin santo or passito: there are still some producers who, as tradition dictates, place the grapes to dry in racks and then vinify them in February. In some cases the must remains in contact with the skins for a few days, in others it is separated immediately, often the fermentation is left to indigenous yeasts and is very long given the low temperature of the moment. The technique generally follows the vinification in oxidized, but there are cases in which the one in reduced is followed.

Examples of descriptions of the types of Verdiso

Quiet verdiso
Color: pale straw yellow with greenish reflections.
Nose: perfume that combines aromas of ripe fruit with green apple and lemon, fresh vegetable note with fig leaf and boxwood, a small note of flora and rose with Mediterranean spice, thyme and dry hay.
Taste: fresh product with good, well balanced acidity, pleasant, good body, in excellent harmony with the other components. Rich in sensations, round at the opening, it lengthens with limoncine acidity, dry, savory, salty and persistent finish.

Sparkling Verdiso
Color: pale straw yellow.
Nose: complex, it begins with pleasant hints of bread and yeast, in succession the unripe fruit emerges with lemon and green apple, followed by the vegetable, fig leaf and bass and then by the Mediterranean spice (thyme), light rose and ripe fruit.
Taste: shows an excellent salinity, a limoncine acidity and a soft, moderate and well inserted note, balanced body, slender and elegant, harmonious with an acidic and dry, pleasant, drinkable finish.

Verdiso sparkling wine brut
Color: pale straw yellow.
Nose: delicate and elegant aroma, intense ripe fruit with apple, pear and light melon, delicate floreal with light rose, fresh vegetable with fig leaf and sage, slightly spicy, raspberry in the finish.
Taste: soft, harmonious with very light and non-aggressive carbon. The salty note is highlighted in succession and then the acid note is clearly present. The finish is dry and savory. Product with good structure not predictable to the nose. The carbon content, not very high, leaves room for the personality of the wine.

Passito Verdiso
Color: golden yellow.
Nose: the alcoholic note is evident, supporting a soft, delicate note of infavato or noble rot, honey, dried fruit (apricot), candied citrus fruit and ripe exotic fruit are clearly perceived in succession.
Taste: warm, alcoholic, soft, velvety, robust, savory product, with a dry and pleasantly tannic finish.

Verdiso Wine Profile


  • Unripe fruits (green apple, lemon, cedar)
  • Ripe fruit (pear, banana, ripe apple)
    -Floral (rose, wisteria)
    -Fresh plant (pepper, fig leaf)
    -Mediterranean spicy (thyme, anise, dry hay)

Where to find Verdiso

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