Vespa Rent Dolomites

Vespa Rent Dolomiti: free in the Prosecco Hills aboard a Vespa
Set off with Vespa Rent Dolomiti to discover the best wineries and farmhouses in the area
Prosecco Hills

BOOK YOUR VESPA! To celebrate the restart, the first 30 who book a Vespa will get a free cup!

What are you waiting for to throw yourself into the exploration of one of their wonderful paths or to design YOUR own path? Vespa Rent provides you with quality, FREEDOM with a Vespa, with new ideas, new secret places and equipment for a Pic-Nic on the lawn of their partner-friends who will provide you, if you wish, with the Pic-Nic basket that you can compose. at the moment with typical products.


Vespa Rent Dolomiti in Vittorio Veneto allows you to plan a ride on the Prosecco road where you can eat typical products, helped by the maps and itineraries provided that guarantee unforgettable tours. Then add a pinch of Italian Life Style thanks to the most loved scooter in the world and here we are immersed in a unique and memorable, adventurous and at times epic experience, retracing itineraries between the cellars of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, sometimes lost among centuries-old streets and lanes. From Vittorio Veneto you can also leave for the most exciting itineraries of the Pedemontana, the Cansiglio forest and the Caglieron Caves, the “road of 100 days” and the San Boldo Pass, Mount Visentin, arrive in Nevegal or explore the road that it goes up to the Vajont Dam with the villages of Erto and Casso up to the turquoise lake of Barcis or finally to climb the passes of the Dolomites which begin in just 40 minutes of fun driving. Participants will be provided with detailed photographic Road-books to travel easily and not miss out on glimpses, landscapes and why not, restaurants where you can taste the typical flavors of the area. A day trip by motorbike is the most compelling and sensory thing there is, the flavors are fixed and you get in tune with every smell that the territory transmits, the sense of smell is invaded by the scent of the vineyard, by the smell of a stream, from freshly pressed grapes, from the effluvium of the salami hung by the farmer, ready to cut a piece for us to offer it for tasting, as at the famous Osteria Senz’Oste. In short, an experience to try and share!

Vespa Rent Dolomiti is located in Vittorio Veneto, 1 km from the A27 exit (“north” exit), occupies the premises that once were the headquarters of the “horse”, an activity that rented pairs of horses at the gates of the Dolomites to face the first mountain steps.

Via Caprera, 18 – 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Tel. Or WhatsApp: +39 347 2648885

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