Asiago. International Wood Sculpture Competition – Aug. 21 to 27

From August 21 to 27, the historic center of Asiago will host the 41st edition of the International Outdoor Woodcarving Competition.

The event dedicated to the art of sculpture has been thrilling highlanders and tourists from all over Italy (and beyond) for many years. Thirteen sculptors, both Italian and foreign, will participate in the competition, creating their sculpture from a log of wood or a panel, under the watchful gaze of passersby in the main streets and squares of the town and historic center. Visitors will be able to contemplate the skillful art of the sculptors and admire the works slowly taking shape, spending a pleasant day immersed in the art-soaked atmosphere of downtown Asiago.

Visitors will also be able to express their preferences for the various works on display at the IAT Office or with likes on the event’s social channels, helping to award the popular jury prize dedicated to Joe Dalle Ave.

´╗┐For the final day, Sunday, August 27, the works will be gathered at the gardens in Carli Square where the awards ceremony will be held at 4 p.m.

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