Campodoro (PD). “Festa dea Trebiatura” – from 22 to 25 June

The appointment with tradition returns to Campodoro. From 22 to 25 June, the ‘Festa dea Trebiatura’, a kermis now in its 38th edition, returns. Telling the roots and bringing them up to date: this is the theme of the event, organised by the municipality of Campodoro with the Amissi dea Trebiatura, the Veneto Region and the Province of Padua. A great novelty characterises this year’s edition. In fact, a twinning pact has been signed with the municipality of Godega di Sant’Urbano (Treviso), whose highlight event in March is the Fiera Franca. The initiative aims to consolidate the commitment of our institutions in keeping alive the memory of this important part of Veneto’s agricultural history. The festival includes: the fifth national gathering of Landini L55 tractors with ploughing trials, the international exhibition and gathering of antique agricultural and industrial stationary engines built up to the 1930s, the international gathering of petrol tractors, and the international exhibition and gathering of steam tractors. The opening will be at 4.30 p.m. on Saturday 24 June. A food stand and musical events are planned. On Saturday 24 June at 9 p.m. there is also the Magic Night: in the darkness of the night, vintage tractors and steamers parade with a surprise ending. On Sunday 25 June, great historical tractor parades at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ‘The Festival represents an important moment of synergy between public administrations (municipalities, province and region), trade associations and private companies, so much so that it is considered the national threshing festival par excellence’. In the words of mayor Gianfranco Vezzaro: ‘This year, the many and varied initiatives on offer will make the event even more attractive and attract many visitors from all over Italy. The event itself, with the size it has reached over time, also confirms itself as an important tourism driver thanks to the favourable position of the host territory, equidistant from the cities of Padua and Vicenza and close to Venice’. “During the course of the event, the tourist-agricultural and cultural themes characterising the territory will be touched upon, and will range from moments dedicated to information and entertainment to others dedicated to the re-proposition of events of the rural and artisan culture with the historical parade of arts and crafts,” adds the first citizen of Campodoro. “There will also be a large food stand for the entire duration of the event, with the possibility of tasting excellent local dishes. The organisational effort required for the event underlines the decisive contribution of the volunteers, both of the Amissi dea Trebiatura association and of all the associations involved, without whom the event programme would not have been so rich and engaging. To them goes the appreciation and thanks of both the municipal administration and my own. We hope for the widest participation because it is also with the presence of so many people that the considerable efforts made by the organisation will be truly meaningful’. As mentioned, this year’s event sees the celebration of the friendship pact with the municipality of Godega di Sant’Urbano. “We would like to thank the knight Perin Diotisalvi, who has been fundamental in creating the link between the two realities, ours and that of Godega di Sant’Urbano,” notes Vezzaro. “We are convinced that preserving and disseminating what has been our agricultural past is a fundamental key to building a modern agriculture that combines respect for the environment, production quality and its natural evolution,” the words of the mayor of Godega di Sant’Urbano, Paola Guzzo.

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