Carnevali di Marca 2023 – from 22/01 to 21/02

Sunday, January 22 marks the start of the 2023 edition of the traditional event, which will run through 22 stages until Shrove Tuesday: anticipation for the parade of floats that has been missing in Tarzo since 2020        

Magic, confetti and lots of fun for young and old. On Sunday, January 22, the 2023 edition of Carnevali di Marca starts in Tarzo. An appointment that smells of tradition: not only because it is the 39th parade of floats in Tarzo, but also because it is now customary that the event organized by the association chaired by Redo Bezzo starts right here. 

Inserted in the 32nd Candlemas Festival, the parade will get underway at 2:30 p.m. and will once again be organized by the Pro Loco in collaboration with the Carnevali di Marca association, which will thus christen the first of 22 events on the calendar until Tuesday, Feb. 21, when the most colorful festival of the year will conclude with parades in Treviso, Conegliano and Cornuda.

For Carnival it is the long-awaited return to normalcy, just think that the parade of floats, in Tarzo, has been missing since 2020 because the 2021 and 2022 editions were suspended due to the pandemic. Anticipation is very high and it is expected that several thousand people will attend the Carnival spectacle in Tarzo.

Preceding the parade will be the dance group from the Movimento Fitness gym in Tarzo. Then, accompanied by speaker Moreno Meneguz, as many as ten masked floats, the fruit of the ingenuity, creativity and passion of groups of volunteers linked to parishes, schools and celebration committees, will parade through the streets of the town.

They are the Fon Fierun group from Corbanese with the float “The folly of Brexit,” the Parish Wagon Group from Nervesa della Battaglia (theme: “King Charles”), by the Coriandolando per Pieve di Soligo group (“The Aristocats”), by the Dal Santo group from Prata di Pordenone (“Years 60-70, Grease”), by the Festeggiamenti di Sernaglia della Battaglia association (“Totò e lu caffè”), by the Ragazzi Anni 80 association from Lovadina (“Bestia che bella”), of the Comitato Festeggiamenti San Rocco di Gaiarine (“Sonic”), the Amici di Susegana group (“Far West”), the CER Soligo group of Farra di Soligo (“Looney Toons”) and the Allegra Comitiva di Bidasio di Nervesa della Battaglia (“I pirati”).

The day, designed especially for families, will fill the center of Tarzo with celebration and merriment, music and colors. There will also be an opportunity to have lunch and dinner on site. And a big raffle will close the evening. Twenty-two, as mentioned, are the parades included in the 2023 edition of Carnevali di Marca: 11 organized directly by the association and the same number carried out in collaboration with the Pro Loco.

After Tarzo, it will continue with events in Nervesa della Battaglia (Saturday, Jan. 28, at night), Susegana (Sunday, Jan. 29), Carbonera (Sunday, Jan. 29), Pieve del Grappa (Sunday, Jan. 29), Pieve di Soligo (Sunday, Feb. 5), Giavera del Montello (Sunday, Feb. 5), Godega Sant’Urbano (Sunday, Feb. 5), San Vendemiano (Saturday, Feb. 11), Zero Branco (Saturday, Feb. 11), Santa Lucia di Piave (Saturday, Feb. 11, nighttime), Sernaglia della Battaglia (Sunday, Feb. 12), Breda di Piave (Sunday, Feb. 12, family event), Villorba (Sunday, Feb. 12), Sant’Angelo di Treviso (Saturday, Feb. 18), Zenson di Piave (Saturday, Feb. 18, nighttime), Cornuda (Sunday, Feb. 19), Roncade (Sunday, Feb. 19), Vittorio Veneto (Saturday, Feb. 18, family event; Sunday, Feb. 19, parade), Cornuda (Tuesday, Feb. 21), Conegliano (Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19, family events; Tuesday, Feb. 21, parade) and Treviso (Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19, family events; Tuesday, Feb. 21, parade).

The Marca Carnival season will not only be about masked floats, merriment and confetti. This holiday season there will also be time and inclination to think of others. As every year, the Treviso Carnival events will in fact be combined with the traditional charity raffle. During the parades it will be possible to buy tickets at a cost of 2.50 euros, hoping for a lucky draw (the total jackpot is as much as 25 thousand euros), knowing that in any case, for every ticket sold, 5 cents will be donated to three local associations engaged in social activities, reported by the municipalities involved in the event.

The official presentation of the 2023 edition of Carnevali di Marca will be held on Saturday, January 28, at 11 a.m., at Ca’ del Poggio Ristorante & Resort, in San Pietro di Feletto. The celebration begins.

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