Castelfranco Veneto – Artisanship in the Centre Sunday 16 October

Castelfranco Veneto’s historic craft market exhibition resumes.

The City of Castelfranco reopens and welcomes a traditional and eagerly awaited event: the craft market. An unmissable opportunity to spend time admiring works by various artists, making special purchases and allowing masters of all arts to make themselves known to the public of young and old.

Handicrafts are a resource for our country, a true activity, where passion and professionalism are the true virtues. From the hands of craftsmen, capable of manipulating materials such as wood, textiles, and ceramics, true masterpieces can be created, unique pieces. This is how the Association dentro/centro di Castelfranco Veneto has worked tirelessly to organise and host this market.

As in the early days, we will return within the walls, where there will be many stalls full of wonders and smiles from men and women capable of giving form to beauty through their creativity and imagination.


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