Conegliano. Ale & Franz show at Teatro Accademia on 12/03

Ale & Franz’s new show makes a stop at Conegliano’s Teatro Accademia for an evening full of laughter.

For the two comedians it seems like a lifetime ago when they think back to memories of the theater, of the curtain opening, the headlights coming on, the smiles of the audience and their applause. They long for that atmosphere of complicity that included everyone, the actors and the audience, creating a unique and unrepeatable show each night.

And after a long time Ale & Franz are starting again, with a great desire to meet their audience to have fun together.

Their new show is light and funny, accompanied by the notes of a band of exceptional musicians. The duo has not forgotten all that we have all experienced over the past two years, and, like each of us, they are eager to return to smiles and lightness. The best solution is to start again where they left off, to see the smiles of their audience, along the path that has given them the opportunity to tell stories and encounters for twenty-five years. Many years of shows that have given them a way to laugh primarily at themselves, as if reflecting themselves in a mirror, and led them to share their comedy with the audience. Now they are eager to return to the stage.

Tickets can be purchased through presale, which is already active online at Ticketone and Vivaticket, or at authorized outlets.


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