Conegliano. Dama Castellana – Saturday 10 June

Immerse yourself in the city’s traditions told through the moves of a living game of draughts: this is the Dama Castellana of Conegliano.

Opening the event on Saturday 10 June will be the great Renaissance Procession, which will arrive in Piazza Cima from Viale Carducci, packed with over 200 participants in historical dress. Upon its arrival, the Blessing of the Banners will take place, with ladies and knights in devotion to request a good fortune for their neighbourhood.

Also in Piazza Cima there will then be the Living Checkers’ Game, entitled ‘On the Moon’: a performance that will retrace the song dedicated to Astolfo included in Orlando Furioso. A play that will present the exploits of Astolfo and his journey to the moon, to transform the living game of draughts between the districts of Ogliano and San Giuseppe into a unique narrative journey enriched by choreographies and performances capable of moving the spectator.


In case of rain, the performance will be postponed to Sunday 11 June. Admission is on payment and tickets can be purchased on the Association’s website.

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