Corbanese. Theme dinner with maître fromager Emanuela Perenzin – 23/05

Theme dinner dedicated to Swiss cheeses on Thursday 23 May at the new Pro Loco headquarters in Corbanese (TV) with maître fromager Emanuela Perenzin and sommelier Sara Meneguz
Dall’Emmental all’Appenzeller, a journey of discovery of the most famous Swiss cheeses. Appointment on Thursday 23 May, at 8 pm, in the new premises of the Pro Loco di Corbanese in Via Olimpia 46 in Tarzo (TV). “Cheese and wine: a perfect marriage!” is the title of the special themed dinner organised on the occasion of the 53rd Mostra del Vino Superiore dei Colli 2024 as part of the Primavera del Prosecco initiatives.

Leading the sensory experience and illustrating Swiss dairy excellence will be the maître fromager Emanuela Perenzin of the Perenzin Dairy in San Pietro di Feletto.

Owner of one of Italy’s most famous artisan dairies, Emanuela Perenzin is an icon in the world of cheese. A former vice-president of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, she is one of the 7 maître fromagers to hold this title.

Present will be sommelier Sara Meneguz of Vini Sara Meneguz for the pairing with the wines of the exhibition.


 Standing aperitif – Tête de Moine, caciotta di Vacca Perenzin and welcome glass
 Spring salad with Emmental PDO
 Asparagus risotto with Robiola di Capra
 Cheese tasting: Appenzeller, Sbrinz, Etivaz, Emmentaler AOC Grotta and Gruyère
 Ricotta Capra Perenzin Pistachio

The menu may be subject to change depending on product availability.

Cost: 35€ per person.

For info and reservations call Mariavittoria on +39 334 9443075.

Event organised by the Pro Loco di Corbanese in collaboration with the Perenzin Dairy and the patronage of ONAF.

Perenzin Latteria was founded in 1898 from an idea of Domenico Perenzin; after more than a century, it now sees the fourth generation at the helm of the company with Emanuela Perenzin and her children Erika and Matteo representing the fifth generation. It has always processed cow’s milk, which was later joined by goat’s milk (since 1999) and buffalo milk (since 2010). They produce traditional and organic cheeses, which have won several awards in both Italian and international competitions.


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