Corri in Rosa: over 2500 registered for the 8th edition on Sunday 13 November

Today at City Hall the presentation of the event signed Tri Veneto Run and Maratona di Treviso
Over 2,500 registered for the eighth Corri in rosa on Sunday 13 November
In 7 editions 40,000 women ‘marched’, donated 91,628 euro for the mammography machine (with over 64,000 examinations)

There will be over 2,500 women at the eighth Corri in rosa, the women’s run for women. An event that contributes to the fight against breast cancer and brings to the ‘field’, to run and walk, those pink people who year after year have decided to lend a concrete hand to solidarity. Since 2014, the year of the first, ground-breaking edition that paved the way for the Triveneto pink race movement, 40,191 women have participated in the seven editions of the Sanvendemianese event. Thanks to this participation, Asd Tri Veneto Run donated EUR 91,628.10 to the Renzo and Pia Fiorot association, to help pay for the mammography machine installed in the Santa Maria dei Battuti hospital in Conegliano and used for the Ulss 2 Marca Trevigiana screening service. A machine that as of 12 October this year has performed over 64,000 mammograms. Important numbers for the Corri in rosa (Run in pink) that will take place on Sunday 13 November in San Vendemiano (TV), starting at 10.00 a.m. from via De Gasperi, in front of the town hall.
Today, Monday 7 November, the official presentation took place in the council chamber of the town hall, in the presence, among others, of the mayor Guido Dussin, the councillor for sport, Renzo Zanchetta, the regional councillor Sonia Brescacin, the administrator of Maratona di Treviso, Aldo Zanetti, and the patroness of this edition, Alessandra Fior.
“I am really happy that the Corri in rosa, an event to which we are very attached, is starting up again,” said Mayor Dussin. “We hope that the weather will assist us and that the participants will be able to appreciate our territory. It is a commendable event, in so many ways, from encouraging women to exercise to providing concrete help in the fight against breast cancer. We are looking forward to welcoming women to our city on Sunday.” “We have reached the eighth edition and this year’s participation, after the cancellation in 2020 due to Covid and a ‘reduced’ edition last year (again due to Covid restrictions), will be really important,” added Councillor Zanchetta. “When women move, a world moves. I would like to thank the participants and organisers, and all the voluntary associations that will be involved in making this event, which has made solidarity a key aspect, possible. It is with pride that we continue to be closely linked to Corri in rosa, the first women’s race born here in San Vendemiano, which then gave way to many other similar events throughout the Triveneto region. It is a source of pride for us to have been taken as an example for races like this one,’ he says. “On Sunday I will be running, as always,” said councillor Brescacin, “I want to be part of this event, which has done and is doing something really concrete for prevention, with the mammogram. The Corri in rosa, in addition to the message of sport, health and prevention, is also a big embrace for those who are facing the disease and is a promotion of sociality, the good kind”.
Alessandra Fior from Conegliano, a testimonial for Airc after fighting against breast cancer, discovered at the end of 2019 (with surgery in March 2020) and a triathlon influencer, will be present at the race, and has become to all intents and purposes the ‘godmother’ of this edition. “I am obviously sensitive to the issue and being able to be there for me is important,” said the 42-year-old. “I have never hidden the fact that I have cancer and I have talked about it from the very beginning, ever since I was diagnosed, I have also done so on social media, through the @sportvitale account to talk about prevention first and foremost, but also about how sport has been vital for me. Faced with the disease, I am already a sportswoman, I have also found sporting goals to hold on and never give up. I applaud the organisers, supporters and participants for the concrete contribution they are making to breast cancer prevention. I am happy to be able to bring my testimony and be of help to those who face the challenge of cancer. Sport, not necessarily competitive sport, but movement in general, can become a very useful tool for those facing the disease’.
Praise for Corri in rosa’s commitment to the mammography machine also came from the Fiorot association. A machine was installed in the Conegliano hospital in December 2016 and has since done over 64,000 mammograms.

In 2021, there were more than 13,000, and from 1 January to 12 October this year, more than 7,700 (in 2021 and partly in 2022, during the period when screening was suspended at the radiology department of the Vittorio Veneto hospital complex, women from the catchment area of the Conegliano area used the Conegliano mammograph). “For years the ‘Corri in rosa’ has been by our side, giving us an important contribution for the mammography machine instalments that are located in the Conegliano hospital,” said the president of the Renzo and Pia Fiorot association, Danilo Riedi. “A huge thank you to the organisers and participants who, year after year, have never failed to support us and are committed to this important event that puts the spotlight on prevention.
“Corri in rosa is one of our races of the heart,” commented the president of Tri Veneto Run, Francesco Sartori, remotely. “Born in 2014, when these types of events did not yet exist, the San Vendemiano race has once again shown the immense power of women, their solidarity, and their desire to overcome any obstacle. In recent years there has been no lack of testimonies from women who have courageously faced the disease, many unfortunately did not make it, but their memory is still alive thanks to the participation of friends and relatives in the Corri in rosa. It is not a light commitment that we have taken on, that of contributing to the payment of the mammograph, but we are proud of the courage shown to realise such a great project. Our thanks go to the administrators, the organisations, the associations, the partners who have never failed to support us, and then them, our immense women in pink, without whom we could not have started this beautiful journey. “We are proud of the Corri in rosa and of all that we have managed to create, and for what it represents,’ continued the administrator of Maratona di Treviso, Aldo Zanetti. ‘It is a choral event, where the word INSIEME really reaches its maximum expression, together with the administrators and the bodies, together with the volunteers, together with the sponsors, together with the supporters, together with the women we are determined to go ahead along this road.

An edition, that of Sunday, which will propose, as always, two routes of 6.5 kilometres and 13 kilometres, and which will mark, above all, a return to the past, with the re-proposal of the pasta party, a moment of sociability that is always much appreciated. San Vendemiano will begin to turn pink as early as Saturday: near the ice rink, the ‘pink village’ will be open from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., for bib delivery operations. On Sunday, on the other hand, the organising secretariat will be open from 8.00 am. Animating the ‘parterre’ will be the gazebos of Tulipano, Alì Supermarkets, Girls Power, Scottà Supermarkets, Amc Pentole, Avis San Vendemiano, Perbacco Foodtruck, Atl-Etica San Vendemianoi and Joy Club. The Soroptimist Club Conegliano Vittorio Veneto association will also be present, committed to measuring women’s blood pressure. One of the novelties of the 2022 edition is the involvement of Asd Hercules, which proposes military fitness: the training ground, located in Via San Giuseppe 17 and touched precisely by the Corri in rosa route, will welcome participants who wish to take a ‘training break’, putting themselves to the test with a couple of obstacles and a quick free-body exercise.

Supporting the Corri in rosa (Run in Pink), an event organised by Asd Tri Veneto Run with the technical support of Maratona di Treviso, under the aegis of the Us Acli of Treviso, were, in addition to the Municipality of San Vendemiano, many friendly companies. Among the partners were Manuel Caffè, Il Tulipano, Farmacia Carli, Alì Supermercati, Banca Prealpi SanBiagio, San Benedetto, Scatolificio Sarcinelli, Doge Logistica, Gammasport, De Giusti Prosecco, Biemmereti – Sogno Veneto, Perlage Winery, Autofficina Ghizzo, Silca SpA, Centro Frutta Conegliano, Gac Service. Media partners Radio Company and Tribuna di Treviso.

Fundamental is the support of many associations in the area, which will take to the field with their volunteers to make the event possible.

For information on this edition and past ones, visit, the ‘Corri in rosa’ Facebook page and the ‘Treviso Marathon’ YouTube channel.


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