Cycling and roller-skating for life in Casier and Dosson: 25 April of solidarity

Tuesday sees the return of the ‘Pedalata e pattinata per la vita’, now in its 39th edition. The proceeds will be donated to the Italian Association for Cancer Research and the ‘La Primula’ Cooperative of Casier

Bike or skates makes no difference if it is solidarity that wins. On Tuesday 25 April, Dosson di Casier, in the province of Treviso, will host the 39th edition of the ‘Pedalata e pattinata per la vita’ (Cycling and skating for life). A classic spring event, open to everyone, young and old, under the banner of fun and solidarity.

The event will take place over a distance of about 20 km in the municipal area of Casier. It will be possible to participate by cycling and skating, and for the past few years the organisers have also opened participation to runners. The aim is twofold: to spend a festive day together in the open air and to collect funds to be donated to charity: this year the proceeds of the event will go to Airc, the Italian Association for Cancer Research, and to the ‘La Primula’ Cooperative of Casier.

Departure at 9.15 a.m. from Piazza Carlo Alberto in Casier, near the church, and at 9.30 a.m. from Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci in Dosson, in front of the town hall. Arrival is scheduled for 11.40 a.m. at the Urban Park in Dosson. There is also the possibility to have lunch at the parish stand (reservation at the e-mail or when registering for the event). The registration fee for the ‘Pedalata e pattinata per la vita’ is €7.

On arrival, the celebration will continue at the Urban Park, where there will be exhibitions of handicrafts, hobbies, floriculture, garden equipment, as well as a rich playground with activities from the past and present, a second-hand market and an exhibition of didactic works by the children of the Comprehensive Institute of Casier. Sponsored by the Municipality of Casier, the “Pedalata e pattinata per la vita” is organised by the Polisportiva Casier in collaboration with the S.C. Dopla and local voluntary associations. Fun guaranteed, together with commitment to a just cause. For information: Polisportiva Casier, tel. 0422-382931; e-mail:


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