Epiphany in Padua, the giant hag arrives – 6 January

The traditional event dedicated to the Befana, a big show for families and children, returns to Padua. A giant marionette in the shape of Befana will animate Prato della Valle in a magical and evocative setting, with performances on stage, the presence of acrobats, lots of music and entertainment.
Children are invited to bring a scrap of fabric to complete a large scarf to put around the neck of the Befana, chilled by the cold temperatures of the season. Everything will be accomplished with the extraordinary intervention of the Padua Fire Brigade, who will support this feat with their operational means.

The event will be closed by an incredible fire and percussion show to entertain all those present, and there will be the simultaneous free distribution of socks of sweets for the little ones.

Befana arrives in Prato della Valle in Padua. Animation, music, and surprises await young and old on Friday 6 January 2023 from 3 p.m.

Source: www.itinerarinelgusto.it

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