Feltre. The Ancient St Matthew’s Fair on 30 October

The Antica Fiera di San Matteo (Ancient St Matthew’s Fair) returns again this year, bringing together quality producers from the Feltre area and the province of Belluno.

The event takes place between Largo Castaldi and Via Campo Giorgio, where many small businesses exhibit their traditional local agricultural products.

The San Matteo Fair was born with the idea of promoting the ‘Feltrina walnut’, but over the years it has expanded, adding even more products and attracting more and more people interested in buying.

The ‘Feltrina walnut’ has the characteristic of ‘premicity’, i.e. it breaks very easily, almost only by crushing it between the fingers. Another characteristic that rewards the queen of the fair is the very high yield of shelled nuts, which goes hand in hand with the extremely easy extraction of the kernel. A genuine fruit that conquers the palate with its sweet and round taste, but not only. The entire production in fact follows natural medotologies, without the use of pesticides and bleaching treatments, respecting the environment and health. Drying still takes place in the sun on racks as tradition dictates. A small curiosity: in the past, it was traditional to plant a walnut tree for the birth of every female child as a symbol of good omen and prosperity. It will therefore be the Feltre walnuts, but also the chestnuts and ‘moroni’ of the Feltrino area, malga cheeses, pumpkins, Lamon and Gialet beans, and the Prussian Pom to illuminate this late autumn day.

Source: www.veneto.eu


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