Jesolo. “Banksy&Friends: the art of rebellion” exhibition – from 24/04 to 15/09

Starting next April 24, the brand new JMuseo in Jesolo about 90 of the most irreverent and countercultural works of contemporary art.

Banksy, but also Jago, TvBoy, Takashi Murakami, Liu Bolin, David LaChapelle and many others: world-famous and celebrated artists brought together in an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the art of our present, with iconic works and compositional languages capable of reaching straight to everyone’s heart.

From April 24, the city of Jesolo will welcome a unique exhibition in the halls of the JMuseo: Banksy&Friends: the art of rebellion, the exhibition that tells the contemporary through the eyes of some of the most influential living artists.

With its approximately 90 works, the exhibition represents a summa of what contemporary art is today, presenting to the public the works of beloved artists such as Banksy, Jago, and TvBoy but also of other famous and internationally known names: from Liu Bolin, David LaChapelle, Takashi Murakami, Mr. Brainwash, and Obey to the well-known Italians Angelo Accardi, LAIKA, MaPo, Laurina Paperina, PAU, Nello Petrucci, Andrea Ravo Mattoni, Rizek, and Giuseppe Veneziano.

All protagonists of a public and social art that has now become an accessible, direct and denunciatory language, in which the viewer can identify with, because they speak of a contemporary reality that belongs to us.


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