Jesolo Lido – Sand Sculptures Exhibition 2021

Jesolo Lido - Sand Sculptures Exhibition 2021

Jesolo Lido – Sand Sculptures Exhibition 2021

From 05/06/21 to 26/09/21
Location: Jesolo
Darwin returns to the city is the title of the 23rd edition of the Sand Sculpture Exhibition, which this year becomes an opportunity to celebrate the restart of the season, of the cultural and entertainment proposals of Jesolo.

Raccoons in Central Park in New York, deer walking around in the suburbs of London, dolphins in the Grand Canal in Venice, the immense and inexhaustible force of nature reclaims the spaces of the earth, where man has confined himself to his protection, animals they go out, patrol the places usually crowded with people with a curiosity and a natural instinct that push them to intertwine their lives with ours in an unstoppable process.

The sculptures of this edition want to represent this vision; celebrate the rediscovered centrality of nature which in this historical moment invites us to seal a new covenant pact.

The artists, who possess the sensitivity to interpret the life of the times through art, will represent a scenario in which animals become protagonists of the urban environment using the works created by human intelligence with irony and a spirit of adaptation.

The sculptures with a strong visual impact were created by professional artists:

  • Susanne Ruseler (Netherlands)
  • Radovan Živný (Czech Republic)
  • David Ducharme (Canada)
  • Ilya Filimontsev (Russia)

The work is coordinated by the historic artistic director Richard Varano (United States).

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