Limana (BL) dresses in tricolor: Italian mountain running championships on 7/05

It will be competed in Valmorel. Organization by Belluno Atletica M.G.B.

Limana (Belluno), Dec. 23, 2022 – Returning to the Belluno Dolomites, one of the national cradles of the specialty, are the Italian Absolute Mountain Running Championships, both individual and club. The appointment is for May 7 with the first of the two tricolor trials (the second will be held in September in Casnigo, in the province of Bergamo), which will be staged in Limana and, more specifically, in Valmorel, the locality in the Bellunese Pre-Alps located at 800 meters above sea level in which the writer Dino Buzzati (whose 50th anniversary of his death falls in this 2022) set the short story “I miracoli di Val Morel” here.

The tricolor event is proposed by Belluno Atletica M.G.B., the association chaired by Elio Dal Magro, which precisely in Limana in 2019 organized the Allievi and Cadetti Italian championships and which last spring staged the Fidal national race called La Santissima.

“We have already been working for a few months for this event, which sees us involved as Belluno Atletica in synergy with Atletica Dolomiti, with the municipal administration of Limana, which has always been close to our initiatives, and various economic and associative realities of the area, as well as with the provincial and regional Fidal committees,” says Elio Dal Magro. “The centerpiece of the Italian championship, which will see the Juniores, Promesse and Seniores categories competing, will be Valmorel, where the start and finish are set. The course will be on a 4,800-meter track that will have its highest point at Malga Pianezze, just over 1,000 meters above sea level. We will evaluate and implement variants for the launch lap in the coming weeks. After proposing the youth tricolors and La Santissima, we have accepted this challenge of the absolute tricolors, which for us represents a major commitment and at the same time a source of pride. The Belluno area has written important pages in the Italian history of mountain running, and we want to revive a tradition that is an asset for all national athletics.”

In this sense, the commitment that awaits BellunoAtletica next spring will be twofold. “The week before the Italian Championships, that is, Sunday, April 30, we will propose the second edition of La Santissima, which will still be a national Fidal race but will also be the first of the two trials of the Veneto Regional Championships of the absolute and masters sectors,” Dal Magro further explains. “The start will be given from the center of Limana while the finish line is placed in Valpiana. In Valpiana, moreover, a track will be created in which the Ragazzi, Cadetti and Allievi categories will compete in the first of the two trials of the Veneto Championship.”


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