Lonigo. “Infinite Blue,” Evolution Dance Theater – Jan. 13

Water flows, dances and floats, discovers hidden paths in the natural world, and then flows into the “Infinite Blue.”

Here it encounters fantastic creatures, aquatic animals and seaweed. There is no above, no below. There is no gravity but only beautiful free flight.
The infinite blue is the origin of all metamorphosis, changing in shape and density, enveloping its mysterious creatures in a sensual and overwhelming embrace.

eVolution dance theater transports us to a world where there are no limits to imagination, with the perfect blend of disciplines, the amazing use of technology and its dialogue with performers who are dancers, gymnasts, illusionists, contortionists and athletes.

Games of lasers and mirrors, reflections, refractions, chemical screens that react and capture light create worlds in which the shadows of the dancers move and communicate, to discover that “in a drop of water meet the secrets of all oceans” (Khalil Gibran).

Artistic director and choreographer: Anthony Heinl, with Antonella Abbate, Leonardo Tanfani, Carlotta Stassi, Matteo Crisafulli, Giulia Pino, Giovanni Santoro, Nadessja Casavecchia; co-director and assistant choreographer: Nadessja Casavecchia; light designer and technical director: Adriano Pisi; costumes: Piero Ragni; laser effects: Simone Sparky; production: Live Arts Management.

For info and tickets: https://www.teatrodilonigo.it/stagione/spettacolo/blu-infinito?/programma/spettacolo/blu-infinito

Source: www.veneto.eu


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