Merano Wine Festival – 4 to 8 November

The event that has reflected excellence, elegance and uniqueness since 1992, Merano WineFestival

The Merano WineFestival is the first event in Europe that, since 1992, has focused on selected quality in an elegant and elite setting. It was the first event to create a sensory journey with a single glass of wine, and the first ever named WineFestival.

Its strength lies in a selection of food and wine products that lasts an entire year!

The Merano WineFestival is much more than a wine and culinary event
The Merano WineFestival is not just an event; it is a veritable ‘think tank’, a forum for an exchange of views between producers, opinion leaders, industry professionals and consumers: a meeting of food and wine excellence.

The worldwide visibility and notoriety of the Merano WineFestival is a confirmation of quality. A selected company from The WineHunter and the Merano WineFestival becomes part of the high quality elite.

Selections through the coveted The WineHunter Award

The event was created in 1992 by The WineHunter, Helmuth Köcher, currently president of the Merano WineFestival and creator and owner of The WineHunter brand.

All companies producing wine, food, beer and spirits that aspire to participate in this exclusive event must undergo a selection process.

Throughout the year, these companies submit their best products in order to be able to obtain The WineHunter Award, the only recognition that will allow them to participate in the Merano WineFestival.

Where the Merano WineFestival takes place

The main location of the Merano WineFestival is the Kurhaus, a historic building in Merano, overlooking the famous Merano Passer Promenade and reflecting the elegance of the city.

Each section of the event takes place in a prestigious location and throughout the city of Merano: from the Hotel Therme Meran, to the Piazza della Rena, the Teatro Puccini and the Corso della Libertà.

The Wine Festival truly involves the whole city!

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