Oktoberfest Treviso – from 28 to 31 Oct.

Oktoberfest Treviso is an initiative that will be held on 28-29-30-31 October at Prato Fiera in the city of Treviso. The promoting body is the OKTOBERFEST TREVISO cultural association, chaired by Ilario Barbieri Maschio. The purpose of the specially formed association is to develop and promote the event in the years to come, and it acts as a platform for collaboration between the city’s different catering souls. The organisation wants to take up the original traditional festival that takes place in Munich every year where beer and tradition are the protagonists. Oktoberfest Treviso will bring the culture and tradition of Bavaria directly to the Treviso area, recreating and to all intents and purposes recreating the atmosphere of the German event. Beer, traditional food, folkloristic music, cultural stands and traditional products will be the stars of the event.

Four days to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Oktoberfest, with the typical long tables, 1-litre mugs, traditional costumes and culinary proposals inspired by the Munich event such as Wienner Schnitzel, Stinco al Forno and Bratwurst with sauerkraut and pretzels.
There will also be live events with typical music thanks to the participation of the Gibierfest Band, which will recreate the atmosphere of the Oktoberfest with traditional Bavarian music. Oktoberfest Treviso is a cultural and culinary event that brings together all the fans of the traditional Munich festival for four days of culture, tradition and social evenings. Bringing the Treviso brand together in an event such as Oktoberfest in Treviso enhances the spirit of conviviality and the sense of community that distinguishes and unites us, especially when we are at the same table, with good music and a pint of beer.

Source: www.trevisotoday.it


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