Padua. “Giotto under the Stars” – until January 6, 2023

The evening visit to the Scrovegni Chapel is an evocative and engaging experience to immerse oneself in one of the most important fresco cycles in the history of art, with the unique opportunity, through the double tour, to spend 40 minutes under Giotto’s starry sky.

Known to all by the surname of its patron, the Chapel is dedicated to Santa Maria della Carità and is known worldwide for the extraordinary pictorial cycle created by Giotto.

The work constitutes the artist’s greatest fresco masterpiece and testifies to the profound revolution that the Tuscan painter brought to Western art. The cycle frescoed by Giotto in just two years, between 1303 and 1305, unfolds over the entire interior surface of the Chapel, narrating the Story of Salvation in two different paths: the first with the Stories of the Life of the Virgin and Christ painted along the aisles and on the triumphal arch; the second begins with the Vices and Virtues, and concludes with the majestic Last Judgment.

The first great revolution accomplished by Giotto in Padua is in the representation of space: we admire examples of “perspective” and the rendering of the third dimension.
The second is the attention paid to the representation of man, in his physicality and emotionality.

The Chapel in 2021 entered the UNESCO World Heritage list within the serial site “The fresco cycles of the 14th century in Padua.”



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