Palio of Feltre – from 4 to 6 August

The Palio held in Feltre every first Sunday in August is a historical commemoration of the town’s glorious past. With its ceremonies and festivities, it celebrates the dedication to Venice that took place in 1404: from that moment on, it was decided that 15 gold ducats would be awarded to the winner of the games every year.

On the occasion of the Palio, Feltre takes a step back in time, recreating the 15th-century atmosphere thanks to marvellous choreographies studied down to the smallest detail. The celebrations begin on Friday 4 August with the dinners of the quarters that bring together hundreds of contradaioli who have come to support their quarter.

The procession of nobles and ladies surprises the public with the splendour of their costumes when, on the morning of Sunday 6, they pass through the Porta Imperiale along Largo Castaldi to the cathedral square and in the afternoon along Via Mezzaterra and Piazza Maggiore to watch the competitions.

The districts of Port’Oria, Santo Stefano, Castello and Duomo then do battle, inside the Pra’ del Moro arena, in the tug-of-war and the horse race, earning the last precious points that, added to those won in the relay race and the archery competition held on Saturday evening, will decree the new holder of the coveted banner.


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