Pieve del Grappa. In the Garden of Smell

The Astego Vegetational Garden of Veneto Agriculture in Pieve del Grappa (Tv) open every weekend in July and August. On Saturday 3 July and Sunday 4, activities are scheduled, including for children, dedicated to the sense of smell. Collection of lavender and workshops for the extraction of essential oils.

On the Treviso foothills, in the Municipality of Pieve del Grappa, there is an authentic “pearl” that deserves to be known and visited. This is the Astego Vegetational Garden of Veneto Agriculture, a beautiful structure surrounded by nature that reproduces all the environments of Monte Grappa, from the top to the plain below. From this weekend until the end of August, the Astego Garden will be open not only on Sunday but also on Saturday, from 10: 00-18: 00; on both days, at 10:30 am, a guided tour is scheduled by the Salvatica Association which will lead visitors along the thematic and environmental paths of the Garden.

Speaking of thematic days, next weekend will be dedicated to the sense of smell. More specifically, on Saturday 3 July at 3.00 pm there will be some interesting activities for children focused on the creation of perfumes; On Sunday 4 July, again at 3:00 pm, a collective collection of lavender from the garden washbasin and a laboratory activity with a demonstration of essential oil extraction are scheduled. The experts present will talk about smell, essential oils, extraction methods, aromatherapy, balsamic time, floral waters and self-production. To participate in the workshops it is preferable to register on: www.salvatica.it/iscrizioni.


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