Segusino Artistic Crib – from 25 December until 5 February

“Normality”, almost a watchword after all that has happened in recent years, but also after what we are currently experiencing.

This is the title of the 2022 edition of the Segusino Artistic Crib, after the 2021 edition which opened with no small number of problems due to distances, regulations and green passes (all things that we hope will remain just a bad memory). This year the Segusino Crib returns with the same enthusiasm and the same desire to amaze as when everything was “normal”.

“Normality”, however, also wants to be a word of hope, of auspice, because after everything we have experienced in the last two-three years, after seeing what is happening right now in some parts of the world, “Normality” is probably the thing we all need most right now.

We Friends of the Segusino Crib, in our own small way, this is what we want and hope to convey; through a crib that this year we would like to define as “normal”, despite its usual scenic spectacularity and some new scenes reflected. A crib that deliberately does not deal with any particular theme (as we were used to doing in previous years). Not even any new statues (the new characters will be there for Christmas 2023), a Nativity scene that limits itself – so to speak – to wanting to convey a feeling of normality, something much hoped for and sought after over the past two years.

The proceeds of the offerings will be used for parish works and charitable purposes.


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