Sernaglia. Festival del Sapere, theatrical performance dedicated to Don Milani on 3/03

On Friday 3 March at 8.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber of Sernaglia’s Town Hall, the third appointment with the ‘Festival del Sapere 2023’, the cultural review conceived and organised by the Municipal Administration and the ‘Giocondo Pillonetto’ Civic Library, and under the artistic direction of Ezio Pederiva.

The event “Cammelli a Barbiana – Don Lorenzo Milani e la sua scuola” will take the public inside the important story of Don Lorenzo Milani and will do so with an extraordinary theatrical recital by authors Francesco Niccolini and Luigi D’Elia. The recital will tell the story of a rich, smiling and even handsome boy who leaves his beautiful and comfortable life to become a priest and then start the Scuola di Barbiana, becoming the most revolutionary teacher of post-war Italy: Don Lorenzo Milani.

The multi-award-winning play is therefore the story of a school in the woods, where lessons are held in the meadows and along the rivers, with no blackboard, no desks, no head of the class and above all no donkeys or failures. Up there, there is plenty of time to wait for the last ones. A story, that of Don Lorenzo Milani, of which Luigi D’Elia, a craftsman of narration and an educator, gives us a masterful interpretation with his bare hands, without costumes and without a stage, a hard, bitter tale, but at the same time woven with tenderness for that unrepeatable miracle that was Barbiana.

“The Municipal Administration, through this fundamental stage of the Festival,” emphasises the mayor Mirco Villanova, “intends to fully commemorate the figure of Don Lorenzo Milani 100 years after his birth, highlighting his extraordinary value as a person, a religious man and a pedagogue”.

Admission is free, without reservation, until all available seats are filled (for info: library 0438 965373)


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