Special evening ‘Heroic Wines’ at Trattoria Da Vittoria – 25 November

Heroic Wines’ from Serbia, Croatia, Brazil are presented with dishes from the
Trattoria Da Vittoria

Special evening
Friday 25 November
8 p.m.

Aperitif with fried vegetables and pierini
Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut
Matured in a cave in the Sea of Brittany
Miolo Brazil

Chianina carpaccio with julienne
of fennel marinated in mandarin
Miolo Cuvée Tradition Brut Rosé
Aged in a cave in the Brittany Sea
Miolo Brazil

Risotto with livers
Sansego White Barrel 2019
Domus Susak Croatia

Ravioloni radicchio
malga butter and ricotta cheese
Filigram Chardonnay Lux Barrique 2021
Bukovo Monastery Serbia

Alpago Leg of Lamb
with baked potatoes
Filigram Game 2020
Filigram Cabernet Sauvignon 2018
Monastery of Bukovo Serbia

Decomposed Tiramisu
Ramandolo Decembrine Grapes 2013
Dri Il Roncat Friuli

Cost € 65.00 wines included.
Reservation required.

For reservations:
392 4718348 – 041 900857

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