Spring shoots: last appointments with PGI asparagus

Next weekend sees the inauguration of the last two exhibitions of the festival.
Scorzè: Badoere IGP Asparagus and Strawberry Festival, 12-21 May
Breda di Piave: Walking among our sprouts, Sunday 14 May

Buds of Spring”, the event that pays homage to the delicate and tasty IGP Asparagus, is drawing to a close.
Two exhibitions will open next weekend, the last opportunities to discover and taste the tasty spring sprout.

Opening in Gardigiano di Scorzè (VE) on 12 May, and ending on 21 May, the Asparagus of Badoere PGI and Strawberry Festival. Two weekends not to be missed, to get to know the prince of the spring table and the territory where it originates. It begins on Friday 12 May with the Schools’ Dinner and spit with polenta as the speciality of the evening; on Sunday 14 May, don’t miss the Historical Tractor Amateurs Group and the Noale Vespa Club rally, which will be present at the inauguration of the 45th Badoere Asparagus and Strawberry PGI Festival, to celebrate Mother’s Day together too! In the afternoon, at 3.30 p.m., ‘Walking in nature’ excursion (reservations at 327 8548951). Grand finale on Sunday 21 May with the 26th Moto Fragola and the children’s workshop ‘To make a sprout you need a seed’. In the evening, more spit with polenta and giant cake for everyone.

In Breda di Piave (TV) the appointment is for Sunday 14 May with the third edition of Passeggiando tra i nostri Germogli; a day full of nature and food and wine.
Departure at 9.30 a.m. from the Pro Loco Breda di Piave office, in via delle Risorgive 6. After a delightful stop at the Azienda Agricola Terre del Piave, we will return to the Pro Loco to enjoy an unforgettable asparagus menu.
Booking required by writing to 348 3161462 (Stefano) or 349 6355208 (Caterina).
There is a contribution of 5.00 euro for the excursion.

In addition to the exhibitions and tastings, the public at the Germogli di Primavera event will have the opportunity to take part in the ‘PASSEGGIARE NELLA NATURA’ (WALKING IN NATURE) programme, nature excursions in the areas where the two PGI delicacies are grown.

Those with a sweet tooth and those who love cooking will enjoy the ‘Le Nostre Ricette’ guide, ideas and video tutorials on how to best interpret the tasty shoot, available at https://www.germoglidiprimavera.tv/lasparago-in-cucina/

Finally, the educational-creative workshops on asparagus “TO MAKE A GERMOGLIO CIUOLE UN SEME” are back, an experience entirely dedicated to children! The initiative will take place with appointments reserved for children to learn, through play, all there is to know and taste about the Asparagus of Badoere IGP and Bianco di Cimadolmo IGP

For the calendar of activities, information and how to participate: www.germoglidiprimavera.tv – info@germoglidiprimavera.tv

    Scorzè: Badoere IGP Asparagus and Strawberry Festival: 12-21 May
    Info: info@prolocoscorze.it – FB @proloco.scorze

Breda di Piave: Walking among our sprouts: 14 May
Info: prolocobreda@libero.it – FB @infoprolocobobreda

    Discover nature in the Sprouts of Spring area by taking part in special
    nature walks, on foot or by bicycle. This is the programme:
    Breda di Piave, 14 May – Info and booking: 349 6355208
    Badoere di Morgano, 7 May – 8.30 a.m. – €19.00 per participant
    Scorzè, 14 May – 3.30 pm
    Participation in the excursions requires a contribution of € 5.00 per participant.
    Booking compulsory by WhatsApp at 3278548951 or by email info@germoglidiprimavera.tv
    For young visitors, it will be possible to participate in educational-creative workshops
    Preganziol, 7 May – 2-6 pm
    Scorzè, 21 May – 2-6 p.m.
    Participation is free, booking recommended by writing to info@germoglidiprimavera.tv
    To put yourself to the test in the kitchen with delicious recipes and video recipes dedicated to spring sprouts, simply go to https://www.germoglidiprimavera.tv/lasparago-in-cucina/

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