Susegana, San Salvatore Castle: extraordinary opening on 25 and 26 March

“Amidst the grass, under the trees, in the grey pots of the niches, one could see white, gold, purple brushstrokes; overhead the trees were pink and white, and everywhere one could hear wingbeats, fluttering sounds, humming, sweet scents.”

This is how Frances Hodgson Burnett, in her famous novel ‘The Secret Garden’, announces the amazement of her young protagonists at the landscape that opens up before their hearts, once they have crossed an ancient wall.

For the regional day of the Colli Veneti -which sees the community invited to a walk to discover the lesser-known hillside landscape of Susegana- the Castle of San Salvatore proposes an extraordinary opening on 25 and 26 March 2023.

A much-awaited appointment for the public who, for the occasion, will be able to visit the castle independently from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days. Thanks to their smartphones, accompanied by the voice of Princess Isabella Collalto de Croÿ, owner of the ancient castle, visitors, stopping from stage to stage, will discover the many curiosities linked to the life and history of the castle and its dynasty.

Owned by the noble family of Counts Collalto from 1245 to the present day, the castle is an unmistakable emblem of the Treviso area.

An impregnable fortress in the Middle Ages, an elegant stately home and lively literary salon in the Renaissance, an Austrian outpost severely damaged during the Great War, its long and extraordinary history makes it a testimony of exceptional historical value.

A romantic cobblestone avenue leads to the medieval North Gate, then through the village between crenellated walls and shielded towers, and across the imposing drawbridge to the castle fortress.

The ascent leads to the green and secret heart of the garden. The landscape that opens up on the horizon allows the visitor a slow detachment from everyday life. Enveloped by the extraordinary panorama all around, now a UNESCO heritage site, we are embraced by silence and beauty. Of nature and history.

Starting with the hundred-year-old holm oak, inhabited by squirrels. And all around pheasants, deer and donkeys. The landscape surrounding the castle has remained intact over the centuries: a riot of pastures, woods and vineyards.

Framing this scenic gem is history: here, amidst the fascinating medieval ruins of the Palazzo Ottaviano and the Palazzi Comitali, the scenic terraces and the magnificent Palazzo Odoardo stretch out green.

During the extraordinary opening of the castle, there is also space for the art of photography. The main floor of Palazzo Odoardo will in fact host the exhibition ‘San Salvatore, castle in the landscape’, the result of a workshop conducted by Arcangelo Piai with the ArcheoSusegana photography group. The result is an exhibition of 30 images that have as their subject the castle of the Collalto family and the extraordinary hilly environment that surrounds it.

The special opening will also take place in the event of bad weather.

During the visit, the use of earphones is recommended and comfortable shoes are recommended. A bar service will be set up inside the castle for the occasion. Dogs are not allowed.

Admission to the castle must be booked in advance (full price € 12.00; concessions € 10; children 6-12 years € 5)

On Sundays at 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m., the Conte Collalto Winery offers “Dalla vite al calice” (From the vine to the goblet), a tour of the vineyards and visit to the historic barrel cellar with touring tasting of 4 wines at the price of € 25.00 per person.

Reservation compulsory by e-mail or by phone: 320 3837269.

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