Susegana. “Vite in campo 2023” – 30 June and 1 July

Engines on for “Vite in Campo”, the event dedicated to the agricultural world and innovative solutions
to face the challenges of the wine-growing sector.

Just a few more hours of waiting and the 5th edition of the event will officially open,
by Edizioni L’Informatore Agrario and Condifesa TVB.
Hosting the event on Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 July will be the farm
Conte Collalto di Susegana (TV), a location that will bring together experts, wine producers, researchers
and companies working in agriculture 4.0 to discuss and promote sustainable agricultural practices.
15 hectares the total surface area on which Vite in Campo will be developed: on display will be the best technologies
of the sector, with a special session dedicated to Biocontrol for sustainable management of the
vineyard. A total of 50 work sites will be operational, with 100 machines at work and another 15 areas
static areas, with a total of around 40 exhibitors.
This year for the first time at Vite in Campo there will be a night-time effectiveness test
of sprayer distribution, which will take place on Friday 30 June from 9.30 p.m.; the survey of the
wetting points will be surveyed using ultraviolet lamps, making the appointment
not only particularly interesting, but also evocative and scenic.

On show will be technologies that can be used to tackle the most urgent challenges in the sector, such as the climate emergency and phytosanitary threats.
climatic emergency and phytosanitary threats, with the aim of implementing an exchange of knowledge, experience
and ideas that promote the growth of the sector in an increasingly resilient and environmentally friendly way.
of the environment.
A topic that today is the top priority for the Italian wine sector (and the north-east in particular),
which ‘Vite in Campo’ proposes to address concretely, laying the foundations for orienting the
viticulture increasingly towards sustainability.
The event is free and open to all, subject to registration on line or at the time of entry.
at the entrance.

The programme
Friday 30 June
14:00 – 18:30 – Guided field tours by L’Informatore Agrario journalists and technicians
6:30 pm CONFERENCE “Vineyard resilience, good practices against climate change”.
18:30 Greetings and introduction
6:45 p.m.: “To each vineyard the most suitable rootstock: prospects for the use of the M Series”,
Professor Lucio Brancadoro (University of Milan)
19:15: “Water management in the vineyard, water and cultivation solutions”, Professor Paolo
Sivilotti (University of Udine)
Coordinator Emiliana Carotenuto
7:45 p.m. Round table with representatives from the nursery world, companies producing Biostimulants and TVB Condifesa for DSS and app (passive protection)
8:15 pm Conclusions: the opinion of the Presidents of the Protection Consortia
Moderator: Antonio Boschetti, Director of L’Informatore Agrario.
9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. – Night-time tests on sprayer efficiency

Saturday 1 July
8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Guided field tours with experts and technicians from L’Informatore Agrario and Condifesa TVB
Topics covered
Precision viticulture and 4.0 technological applications
Innovations to safeguard the environment
Resilience of new vineyards
Water resource management
Robotics and automation
Biocontrol in the vineyard and cellar
How to participate
The 2023 edition takes place in Susegana (Treviso), at the Azienda Agricola Conte Collalto, on Friday 30
June and Saturday 1 July.
Participation is free of charge, subject to registration.
Registration can be done by filling in the online form or at the entrance of the
A catering service will be available on the two days of the event.


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