Theresianer Brewery Bar Padova: The Garden Sounds Jazz – 26 July

Birreria Theresianer Bar Padova in Conegliano is the new stage dedicated to the award-winning excellence of Italy’s smallest beer industry. The recently opened venue opens its splendid garden to a new event dedicated to music.

“The Garden Plays Jazz” is scheduled for Wednesday 26 July – from 7.30 to 10 p.m.: performing in this unique venue in the city centre will be the tight-knit Off Broadway trio composed of clarinettist Michele Uliana, guitarist Davide Palladin and double bassist Nicola Bortolanza.
In collaboration with the Treviso Suona Jazz festival, the concert will feature a repertoire of pieces from the Great American Songbook that are among the less beaten tracks in the jazz repertoire, to engage the audience with extremely fluid and swinging jazz that is always enjoyable.

With this first appointment on the calendar, Birreria Theresianer Bar Padova presents itself as a place that naturally welcomes people, inviting them to relax and conviviality, an open-air lounge where they can find hospitality that makes professionalism and quality its points of excellence, on this occasion to the lively and carefree swinging notes of Off Broadway.

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