Treviso. Guided tour “Treviso, city of art and water” Sunday, 22/01

Treviso has based its history, its development and its defense system on water, which is why it is undeniable that its waterways have always been a very important strength of the city. Unforgettable are the figures, for example, of the “lavandere,” who washed clothes in the clean waters of Treviso, or the numerous mills still present today along the canals that, especially during the Serenissima Republic, milled day and night.

Here it is that, as per tradition during the Christmas season, the Treviso IAT Offices organize guided tours related to this very theme.

During the guided tours, lasting about two hours, the most striking views of the city and the most interesting aspects of the bond that unites Treviso precisely with the waters that flow through it will be discovered. From Ponte Dante, mentioned in the Divine Comedy “Là dove Sile e Cagnan s’accompagna”; to the Buranelli, where in the past there was the fish depot for the centuries-old market and where women washed clothes. An unmissable stop will then be the artificial island of Pescheria, where the fish market is regularly held.

All tours will depart at 3 p.m. from the IAT Office in Treviso center. Participation is by limited number with mandatory reservation by contacting the IAT Treviso Centro Office. (+390422595780)


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