Venice Boat Show – 31 May to 4 June

The fourth edition of the Boat Show returns once again to the historic Venice Arsenal, the heart of the Serenissima’s navy, where technology and design, environmental sustainability and culture alternate in a unique mix.

Five days, from 31 May to 4 June, dedicated to the passion for sailing, with yachts and superyachts, Italian and world premieres, water trials, conferences, exhibitions, and regattas. It is on the schedule of the lagoon city’s major events and the most important boat show in the Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean.

The Arsenal consists of water basins covering 55 thousand square metres, inside which more than 1,100 linear metres of pontoons and 30 thousand square metres of outdoor exhibition space will be installed. The large canopies, which in the past hosted the construction of galleys, will host the best of Venetian design, nautical furnishings and craftsmanship for a total of 5 thousand square metres.

In total, there will be more than 220 exhibitors, of which 180 from Italy and the others from the United Kingdom, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Monte Carlo, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, who will bring 300 boats to Venice, for a total exhibition length of 2.7 kilometres.

The Venice Boat Show will make it possible to see the best of Italian and world boating and, at the same time, spend a day discovering sports and crafts related to the sea.


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