Verona. Fieracavalli from 3 to 6 November

Always a reference point in the breeding and marketing of horse breeding products, for this geographic area the first historical milestone was 1772, the year in which Bibbiena planned and followed the construction of the first fairground for horses, mules, donkeys and hinnies.

For more than 100 years, horse shows were held here, with a market for the best specimens, until the fateful milestone of 1898. That year saw the beginning of modern fair history in Verona: the first edition of the Horse and Agricultural Fair.

From a simple horse market it underwent exponential development over the years, officially becoming an International Fair in 1950 and establishing itself as the leading event on the world equestrian scene.

Fundamental is the event’s ability to keep alive the noble and ancient traditions of the horse, especially since the post-war period, when considerable economic and agricultural growth partially marginalised it from human life.

Fieracavalli is a “catalyst of interest” not only for enthusiasts, but above all for the thousands of people, mostly young people, who through horses identify with a new way of conceiving life, linking together sport, music, design, art, solidarity, history, leisure, tourism and adventure.

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