Verona. “Heroic wines on stage, between music and theatre” – 4 April

Tuesday 4 April – Teatro Nuovo in Verona

“Vini da Terre Estreme” reconfirms itself as the protagonist with an Fuori Vinitaly, a unique event “DiVinoInCanto”, a show-path that allows heroic wineries to present their labels to an audience of professional operators, in all exclusivity.

“Drinking a glass of wine is like savouring a drop of the whole of History,
the stories of humanity!”
How true… yes because everything starts from the earth.
Every land, every soil, has a memory,
and wine reveals that mystery and becomes the story and testimony of those memories.

DiVinoInCanto was born, a special Vinitaly outing, a show-path for the valorisation of ‘heroic’ wines. A journey through prose, music and the land. An apology of the vine that will involve the public in a grand final toast.

Tuesday 4 April 2023
Teatro Nuovo di Verona – Piazza Francesco Viviani, 10, Verona

7.00 p.m.

Opening tasting, reserved for professional operators, with tasting benches in the presence of heroic vine growers.

20:00 p.m.
The curtain opens with the voice of Fabio Sartor, in a monologue that has the vine-dresser as its leitmotif. We speak of heroic vine-dressers because, even today, the tradition has remained so in various areas of Italy handed down from generation to generation – where the farmer’s temerity has overcome critical environmental issues and achieved results of excellence.
The music of Maestro Ennio Morricone, arranged by Massimo Scattolin for guitar, the violin of Paolo Tagliamento and the string orchestra of the young talents of the Venice Dream Ensemble, then conquers the stage with a set list that includes pieces expressly dedicated to wine ‘wine and grapes’ and two medleys:
“Spaghetti western” and “Love Themes”, a perfect synthesis of the Maestro’s work.

9.30 p.m.
For operators only (importers, distributors, Ho.Re.Ca. Italian and foreign media)
As the music fades away, heroic wines take centre stage, illuminating it with their flavours and aromas. To accompany guests in a tasting of labels from the Peninsula’s most inaccessible vineyards.
Thus, strolling among the tasting benches, spectators will get to know unique wines from heroic wineries presenting their best production in a context of absolute exclusivity.

23:30 – Closing of the event

The tasting is reserved for professionals by invitation only, while the theatre show is also open to the public of wine lovers with purchase of ticket – Verona Box Office


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