Verona – Nicolò Fabi in concert on October 2nd

Niccolò Fabi has chosen the setting of the oldest amphitheater in Italy for his only concert of 2022: on 2 October the Roman singer-songwriter will be the absolute protagonist on the stage of the Verona Arena to tell and share 25 years of history with his audience and songs, between music and words.

The artist wanted to celebrate his 25 years of career with a unique date, to treat himself and give his fans something that he has never done before. He himself declares that “The place is large and prestigious but the emotions involved are just as great. Somehow we will fill it ”. So today, 25 years after his debut, Niccolò chooses to give new life to his music by involving an orchestra for the first time, with which he will relive part of the story he will tell on the stage of the Verona Arena. That same Arena of Verona which marked two important stages of his artistic career: the opening in 2000 of the Sting concert and the trio show with Silvestri and Gazzè, in 2015. On this occasion he had promised to return one day to that same stage alone with his songs. He will do it on a special occasion and in an equally special way.


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