Verona. “Swan Lake” at the Teatro Nuovo on 25 December

Swan Lake, today perhaps the most famous ballet in the world, continues to retain all its charm for the lunar atmosphere that accompanies Odette’s appearance, for the dual role of Odette-Odile, white swan and black swan, for the eternal struggle between Good and Evil.

The plot, decidedly romantic, tells the story of Princess Odette who is forced by a wicked spell of the evil wizard Rothbart, to whom the princess has denied her love, to spend the hours of the day in the guise of a white swan. The curse can only be defeated by an oath of love. Prince Sigfrid comes across Odette at night, falls in love with her and promises to save her. At a feast in Sigfrid’s palace, the magician presents his daughter who has taken Odette’s form to the prince who, convinced that he is in the presence of his beloved, swears eternal love to her. At that point the magician reveals the true identity of the maiden and Odette, doomed to death, disappears into the waters of the lake. Sigfrid, desperate, decides to follow her: it is precisely this gesture of his that breaks the spell, allowing the two young lovers to live happily ever after.

To revive the emotion of this classic with its muffled atmospheres the Opera Ballet of Iasi, one of the most acclaimed ballet companies that has been touring all over Europe for more than twenty-four years.

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