Equestrian tourism: the Veneto’s horse trail

Equestrian tourism: the Veneto's horse trail

Equestrian tourism: discovering the landscape along the Veneto horse trail
The first tabulated path is active
with information for those traveling on horseback.
Route of 266 kilometers
between the foothills, the Prosecco and Piave vineyards.

A horseback ride in the Venetian Pre-Alps, an increasingly popular destination for equestrian tourism enthusiasts.
Marca Trevigiana and Veneto to go on all fours, or on the back of a horse following a horse trail that touches all the most significant and suggestive corners of the region. It is equestrian tourism, a growing segment on which the Veneto Region is betting, presenting with the governor Luca Zaia at Fieracavalli di Verona, the new route, completely tabulated, which involves all the services dedicated to this form of tourism: hospitality, areas of stop for the horse, farriers, farmhouses and more. The first horse trail in Veneto, which crosses the Treviso foothills between the Prosecco vineyards and the Prealps, promotes a sector of 3600 companies and 13 thousand horses, gives the opportunity to visit the region in a different way, observing more closely landscapes, villages and historical places together with a special animal like the horse. The first boarded horse trail makes life easier for tourist users by following the model of the ski slopes, as pointed out by Zaia: convenient parking and an easy path to follow. The routes are all georeferenced and the project has seen the considerable participation of municipalities and associations. The itinerary winds along 266 kilometers in a scenario of great scenic interest through the municipalities of Segusino, Valdobbiadene, Miane, Follina, Cison di Valmarino, Revine Lago, Vittorio Veneto, Fregona and Cappella Maggiore, skirting the loops of the Piave and climbing along narrow streets that cross small villages until they reach the peaks of the Pre-Alps. And from here on horseback you can enjoy a unique panorama, which sweeps over the Venetian lagoon and towards the Dolomites. The ideal time to ride the bridleways of the Treviso Pre-Alps goes from late spring to late autumn, when temperatures are mild and the ground is drier. But the new route is already usable and all the useful information on the route, itineraries and opportunities can be found on the website www.veneto.to.
“The Ippovie delle Prealpi Trevigiane e Bellunese project was launched in 2007 on the initiative of some municipalities to attract a tourist flow with a high rural vocation, and thus increase the sustainable and economic development of the area”, underlines Silvia Moro, provincial councilor for tourism, “In the reorganization of the horse trail which includes 9 municipalities in Treviso, the Province has placed itself at the head of a network that involved, in addition to local administrations, 19 operators divided into refreshment centers, rest centers and bivouacs, 13 hippies and 4 farriers”.
And that there is an increase in those who travel on horseback, very attentive to nature, quality of stops and good food, also the data on the web say: the word horse is clicked on average one million eight hundred thousand times a month.
Article taken from www.tribunatreviso.it of 11 November 2014

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