Follina – nature trail

Follina - nature trail

Follina – nature trail
Difficulty: low, flat route with a rare climb
Journey time: about 1 hour and 30 minutes
Clothing: comfortable with sports shoes
Period: all year round

From Piazza 4 Novembre in Follina you can admire the Palazzo Barberis Rusca and Palazzo Tandura. A must to visit the Abbey of Santa Maria of the 12th – 13th centuries in Roman and Gothic style, with the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary inside, the colors of the wonderful windows, the wooden altar and the Roman Cloister.

Leaving the Abbey, from the external door, you find yourself in via Pallade and from here the real path begins, starting from the “Pont de Cristo” you follow a canal that carries water from the source “Fiadora”, you climb in the to the woods and you get to the cross.

From here you have a beautiful view of the town of Valmareno, the Valley and Castel Brando.

Continue through woods, meadows, vineyards and typical “casere” of the place.

Once in Valmareno you return along a small road through cultivated meadows flanking the Corin stream until you meet the Fiadora spring again; go through the small stretch of wood again, go up a short staircase and find yourself at the “Pont de Cristo” and return to the starting point.

Description of the walk and map taken from the magazine ‘Festa – year 2011’

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