Francesco Beccaruzzi (painter from Conegliano)

Francesco Beccaruzzi (painter from Conegliano)

Francesco Beccaruzzi (painter from Conegliano)
Coneglianese painter (1492-1563)

Francesco Beccaruzzi, about 30 years younger than Giambattista Cima, was born in Conegliano between 1490 and 1493, the son of a poor craftsman, settled in Treviso in 1519, where he married in 1540 and also died in Treviso in July 1563. How Most of the painters of the time also Beccaruzzi never signed his own works, so the attributions must be made with the support of sources derived from old archives or following stylistic investigations carried out by scholars. Although by birth he may have been a pupil of Cima, recent studies instead trace his training to artistic personalities operating in the Coneglianese area around 1500: Giannantonio De Sacchis (known as Pordenone), Francesco da Milano; and in Treviso: Titian painted the Annunciation in the Cathedral Chapel in 1520.

Saint Francis receiving the stigmata and six saints (1545)

Oil on canvas (444 x 255 cm) commissioned by the Convent of San Francesco di Conegliano for the main altar of the church. The convent was suppressed in 1806, it became the property of the State and in 1812 to the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice.
Around 1960 it was put on deposit at the Cathedral of Conegliano.

In the upper part the painting depicts St. Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata on Mount La Verna. In the lower part, there are St. Louis bishop of Toulon, St. Bonaventure, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Jerome, St. Anthony of Padua and the apostle Paul.

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