Jesolo by bike. The last section of the Greenway is now open

Jesolo by bike. The last section of the Greenway is now open

By bike to Jesolo: the last section of the Greenway opens

Beautiful and long cycle path
leading from the city to the beach.

A unique opportunity for enthusiasts, families and tourists.

The last section of the Sile Greenway from Portegrandi to Caposile has been inaugurated. The route first reaches Caposile and then continues to Jesolo, along the recent cycle path that runs alongside the Lagoon in the Valle Drago area, flanking the secondary road; and then continues up the coast. A long and quiet, flat and very cycle path, capable of accompanying everyone to the sea. The last stretch, the one from Jesolo town to the beaches, is more urban, but the journey you experience first has priceless views. The Portegrandi-Caposile section in fact represented the missing piece of the Greenway which last year, with the completion of the Casier-Casale section and the construction of the footbridges, had opened to the public a journey along the Sile up to Portegrandi which was immediately very crowded. Historical note: this last stretch carried out runs along the grandiose deviation of the Sile made to save the lagoon from burial, the so-called Argine San Marco.

Greenway di Treviso: by bike to the sea. The cycle path on the River Sile allows you to cycle from Treviso to the sea. The Greenway is entirely passable.

Up to now, La Restera has always been a large and beautiful incomplete cycle and pedestrian path. In fact, there were no connections between the cycle paths built on the two different banks, and the possibility of accessing the towpaths from other areas of the park. The Greenway had the task of mending, and creating new sections of the track.

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