Cycling among the treasures of the Treviso hills

Pedalando tra i tesori delle colline trevigiane


(ANSA) By bicycle through the slopes of the Treviso Pre-Alps and in particular in the hills around Asolo. A fascinating itinerary, far from the clogged and often polluted streets of a Veneto which, as in the case of this district, located in the heart of the Marca, knows how to offer places surrounded by greenery.

The cycling route, between history and art, culture and traditions, does not present particular difficulties: the gentle ups and downs of the Asolo hills are also suitable for cycle tourism beginners. The advice is to tackle the route with the due calm so as not to lose the artistic and natural beauties, but also glimpses of ancient flavor Starting from Asolo, it is necessary to head towards Montebelluna, but after a couple of kilometers it is necessary to take the direction of Maser: here the famous Villa Barbaro, one of Andrea Palladio’s masterpieces, requires a first stop. Then back in the saddle to the north, where you soon arrive in Cornuda, where another recommended stop is that of the shrine of Mary Immaculate. Once back on the main road, the suggestion is to head towards Castelli and Monfumo: almost by magic, the vision of the imposing Monte Grappa appears, seen from the Treviso side. A few photos and a little rest, and then resume the road to Asolo.

Before arriving at the fundamental starting point, the stop, on the highest hill of the town, to admire the Rocca di Asolo, used as a stronghold in the Middle Ages but perhaps a place of worship in previous times. Then the last two kilometers, on a gentle descent, with almost no need to pedal, towards the place where you started. And once in the center for a refreshing drink or a coffee, there is only the embarrassment of many elegant places. (HANDLE).

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