The city of herons: Garzaia di Pederobba

The city of herons: Garzaia di Pederobba

The city of herons: Garzaia di Pederobba
The City of Herons
Pederobba heronry


The City of Herons nesting place for the gray heron and the white little egret. All surrounded by the natural amphitheater of the Treviso Pre-Alps.

The Garzaia di Pederobba located on the Piave river at the foot of Monte Grappa is considered important at European level for birdlife and biodiversity. Better known as the City of the Herons ”, it has a well-equipped naturalistic path, and is a good reference for the tourists of Monte Grappa in moments of rest from the proposed sports. Also interesting is the Environmental Education Center, a visitor center located at the Pederobba station. The 2 structures are managed by the LIPU on behalf of the municipal administration of Pederobba.

On the wide bed of the Piave river, between the meanders of the waterways and the floodplains rich in willows, poplars and alders, a substantial number of herons have settled, forming, for over 15 years, a heronry in which about 100 pairs nest of Gray Heron / ardea cinerea and 28-30 pairs of Little Egrets / Egretta garzetta.

The heronry is located
in the municipality of Pederobba

From the recent censuses carried out by Ornithologists of the LIPU and of the Venetian Faunists, data emerged that qualify the importance of the area with regard to birdlife; there are 15 orders of 38 families with 109 species, of which 57 certain nesting, 17 wintering, 27 migratory, 6 irregular and 2 accidental.

In the migratory period very rare species can be observed such as the black stork, the white stork, the osprey and numerous cuckoo hawks. As part of the IBA (Important Bird Areas) research, the area is classified of European importance for avifauna (Medio Piave).

The Province of Treviso has recently established an oasis for the protection of fauna, with implementation of the next 2001 hunting wildlife plan.

This large green area, located on the banks of the Piave, between the Quero strait and the Pederobba beach, is the destination of numerous visitors and schoolchildren who, guided by LIPU experts, can steal the faunal secrets present in the Piave, but above all they can closely observe the behavior of the “majestic” Gray Heron and the Little Egret, aided by binoculars and telescopes that LIPU makes available to visitors.

Other species of herons present in the heronry that can be seen: Bittern, Nititcora, Great White Heron Deworming, Purple Heron, Bittern.

In the meadows after the nesting wood of the Aldehydes (herons), in addition to the roe deer, other mammals can be observed including badgers, foxes and hedgehogs.

Little Egret

But it is also possible to spot the White Stork and the rare Black Stork.

Black stork

Route description: easy trail suitable for everyone, well signposted and equipped with educational panels describing fauna and flora that you meet along the partly circular route, about 6 km long.


from the Feltrina state road to the Rossi Cementificio, a sign indicates “The city of herons”.

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 8, 31040 Pederobba TV

From the first illustrative panel we continue
for the comfortable marked path.

Guided tours are free.


The nature trail inside the Pederobba Garzaia is maintained
by the volunteers of the LIPU Pedemontana Trevigiana.

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