The Girasile- Treviso and its river Sile by bicycle


Il GiraSile – Treviso, Casier, Casale sul Sile. The Sile is the longest resurgence river in Europe: it comes to life at an altitude of 23 meters above sea level and crosses the peaceful and sinuous Marca Treviso to flow into the Venetian coast. The ring that connects Treviso to Casale sul Sile follows the banks of the watercourse in one of the most evocative stretches where the man-river relationship develops between modernity and tradition.

Cities of art, naturalistic areas, Venetian villas and lush countryside are all excellences protected by the Regional Natural Park of the River Sile. The itinerary begins near the Ponte della Gobba along the banks of the river not far from the historic center of Treviso, a refined and elegant city. Along the cycle path you meet first the Port of Fiera, the last real port of the city, active until the first half of the last century, then the hydroelectric plant of Silea, to arrive on the right bank, at the burci cemetery, where the imposing vessels used for the commercial transport of goods. The burci, easily visible thanks to a system of wooden walkways, were abandoned in 1975, when river navigation was supplanted by the more modern road transport. Once in Casier you can see the imposing banks that accompany the large bend on which the main river port of the Sile once lay. Over a hundred boats could stop here for the night, creating an evocative and temporary “pontoon bridge over the river”. A short distance from the church, leaning against a wall, it is possible to closely observe an original water clock (hydrocronometer).

Leaving Casier, the route follows embankment cycle paths and country roads, up to Lughignano where the lovely Romanesque church of San Martino stands out with its characteristic perimeter cemetery. Behind the church the road to the river resumes, where numerous Venetian villas are concentrated.

Upon reaching the Rivalta neighborhood, the high crenellated bell tower and the Carrarese Tower herald the arrival in Casale sul Sile. The ancient military construction testifies to how much the town has been an important fortified post over time, while the church, located near the river, preserves precious frescoes by Giandomenico Tiepolo. From Casale sul Sile you return to pedal towards Treviso on country roads, skirting the former clay quarries that have now been re-naturalized.
Returning to Casier, take a detour along the loop of the dead Sile and the via dei Tappi. In the surrounding countryside the excellent Treviso vegetables are grown and become gastronomic specialties that can be tasted by accompanying them with a glass of Prosecco in one of the many taverns in the center of Treviso.

Tourist info:

Length: about 40 km
Departure-Arrival: Treviso – Ponte della Gobba.
Conditions of the route: cycle paths, pedestrian and cycle paths and secondary municipal roads with low traffic.

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