The mountains of the Treviso’s territory, a corner of unspoiled nature

The mountains of the Treviso's territory, a corner of unspoiled nature

The Treviso Pre-Alps offer a territory

full of enchanting resources to be discovered.

Feet on the ground, head in the clouds,

or travel to the center of the earth? –

Trekking, free flight and caves: these are just a taste of what the Treviso mountains have to offer. The Venetian Mountain in the province of Treviso, the Garden of Venice, is still today a corner of unspoiled nature, suitable for those looking for adventure, a break from everyday life, to immerse themselves in scents and colors that have always linked us to our ancestors .

Starting from Cansiglio, a wood reserve at the time of the Serenissima, where you can admire the spectacular Caglieron Caves, you go along the Alta Via TV1: a panoramic route of about 120 km that leads to Monte Grappa, a mountain sacred to the homeland for the sad events that saw him as a protagonist during the First World War. In order not to forget and to always remember the values ​​of freedom and peace, the Cima Grappa Memorial, which at a height of 1775 m, houses the remains of almost 23,000 soldiers both from Italy and from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, built in 1935 during the Fascist era to glorify the fallen of the fatherland.

Furthermore, a little below the summit is the monument to the partisan, an emblem of the bloody resistance struggle of the Second World War. Many are the war works restructured thanks to the volunteers who worked to restore tunnels, trenches and mule tracks.

But in this area suspended between the earth and the sky, there are many aspects that strike the visitor’s soul, thrilling both experts and younger visitors who in this setting learn to get excited in front of an expanse of heather, or the scent of daffodils in bloom, or even to the sound of the cowbells of cows grazing undisturbed until the sun sets on the horizon.

The Treviso mountains are the ideal theater for all sports enthusiasts. Those who love two-wheeled sports can find road routes of varying difficulty, which can be traveled all year round, as well as well-practicable mountain bike trails, which can be easily substituted for traditional trekking for various stretches. But for those who prefer horses there is certainly no need to lose their temper: a good 91 km with an altitude difference from 155 to 1,270 m a.s.l. passable in four days offer suggestive emotions among very different scenarios with pastures, woods, cliffs and meadows.But there are many other possibilities: from Nordic walking to orienteering, from high adrenaline sports such as motorcycling (well practiced especially in the Grappa) to the more refined ones such as golf 27 holes, to get to practice extreme sports such as hang gliding and paragliding: real passions lived strongly 365 days a year for which there are numerous schools and opportunities to try their hand with a two-seater instructor.Monte Grappa, but also the area above the Revine lakes, is colored especially on clear summer days and the beauty of our views is known nationally and internationally so that every year free flight competitions are organized in world level.

For art lovers there are many testimonies, among them to remember Possagno, the birthplace of Maestro Antonio Canova whose birthplace, the temple and the Gipsoteca can be visited.

For the more traditionalists and gourmets, a walk among the huts to discover dairy products such as Bastardo and Morlacco del Grappa, Imbriago and Moesin di Fregona, accompanied by homemade bread, soppressa, a good bottle of Prosecco DocG ( since we are in the area of ​​the Strada del Prosecco) and a “shot” of good grappa, to savor every moment of this journey through the senses.



One of the most popular destinations for sports lovers is the Monte Grappa massif which, together with Cesen, Visentin and the Cansiglio plain, offers a series of activities ranging from simple walks at high altitude to the challenging equipped paths of the southern side for expert hikers, up to climbing in excellent well-equipped climbing walls. Monte Grappa is also a European reference point for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts.

History buffs cannot fail to visit the many places that recall the First World War, as well as sports and nature enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice: from simple walks at high altitude, perhaps in Nordic Walking, to the challenging equipped paths of the southern side of the Grappa for expert hikers but not only, routes for cyclists, both with racing bikes and mountain bikes, mountaineering and free-climbing and for hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts, Monte Grappa has become a reference point at European level.

The entire Treviso mountain does not neglect even cyclists, both with racing bikes and mountain bikes, offering a variety of routes that wind through very suggestive natural contexts.

We just have to wish you a good mountain!

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