The Nino Lot Path in Fregona

The Nino Lot Path in Fregona

The Nino Lot Path in Fregona

No. 1036a

Departure and arrival point: Osigo (Fregona), Pont de le Levine, on the road to the Cansiglio.
Coordinates of departure and arrival point: 46 ° 1’0.52 ″ N 12 ° 21’28.11 ″ E
Journey time: about 4 hours
Elevation increase: 780 m
Distance: 8.13 km
Degree of difficulty: medium

Taken from itinerary no. 33 of the book “The hidden paths of the Treviso Pre-Alps” by Giovanni Carraro

The start of the Nino Lot path is located near the Pont de le Levine, along the road that leads from Osigo (Fregona) to Cansiglio.
We follow the signpost 1036A and after having met a plateau with some ruins, we enter the woods walking among outcropping rocks. The track is always well marked and at an altitude of 800m we see the table of the Balot path, a possible variant. A few more minutes and here we are at the Nino Lot bivouac, at 1010 m.

This building was built about 20 years ago from an old ruined ruin. The works were carried out by some visitors to the mountains of Cordignano who wanted to name it together with the path after one of their most beloved friends who died in 1995, Giacomo Lot known as Nino, born in 1925.

We rest by sitting on the benches outside and resume the climb in the direction of Cadolten. Some slightly exposed sections are facilitated by a metal cord but overall the path does not present any difficulty. We arrive in Pigotera where there are some casere and shortly after we meet the splendid beech trees typical of Cansiglio, at the foot of Monte dei Foresti.

After passing the old roccolo de Torente, the view suddenly opens towards the hills of the Vittoriese, the Revine lakes and on clear days it is not uncommon to observe the Adriatic. We are now at the highest altitudes of the excursion, about 1200 meters and in front of us the Monte Croce appears in the distance.

More views and here we are in the immense prairie of Cadolten, where there are casere, caserin and malghe. We descend into the basin via a forest road that will lead us to the capital of San Floriano, which in the past was an important destination for devotion during the mountain pastures.

We begin the descent towards the Val Armada along the Strada del Santo, an ancient “rowing” road directed to Sonego that was used by the Serenissima to transfer the timber used in the construction of the oars of its naval fleet downstream and we arrive near another important capital, dedicated to Sant’Antonio. Here the view is truly spectacular towards the plain, while to the north we glimpse the top of Col Visentin.

We continue the descent along the steep slopes of the Crep de la Scala following the signpost n.1036A, but we make a detour to Pian de Tieda in the direction of the church of San Daniele.
After the Col Pravinera we notice some mysterious walls. In fact, on the hill behind the church of San Daniele, there are the remains of an ancient archaeological site, probably referable to the Iron Age.
We continue our journey and after a few meters here we are at the small church of San Daniele: here too an enviable panorama. A few minutes walk on the via crucis and we are on the road that leads to Cansiglio.
We cover it for a few hundred meters uphill and close the loop again at the Pont de le Levine.

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