The Venetian Villas- A treasure to be preserved


136 Villas are part of the “Cultural Landscape” tourism project promoted by the Veneto Region and the owners themselves. The project aims to safeguard the Venetian architectural treasure. The owners have launched a decalogue, the “Service Charter”, which includes the standards to best meet the needs of tourists (accessibility to the rooms of the villa, opening hours, product reliability, prices and rates, management of gratuities ).

“Ville Venete” thus becomes a brand, a brand to sponsor some of the most interesting and valuable architectural and historical treasures present in the Veneto area. In Veneto there are 3,477 palaces of great artistic, monumental and landscape value, built by the Venetian aristocracy during the last centuries of the Republic of Venice, as residences or holiday homes.

“Veneto is the first region for tourist presence thanks to the variety of offers – underlines the Councilor for Tourism of Veneto, Marino Finozzi -, it ranges from the sea to the mountains, to the countryside and this project is a starting point for developing and supporting valuable cultural heritage we have. The next step will be to present and make the Ville Venete project known in Europe ».

The commitment of the owners will also be important, offering the opportunity to visit the interiors or the parks that surround them, to stay there or to taste the agri-food products and wines of the area. The project includes villas of great artistic and architectural value, some of which are also accommodation facilities, present in all the Venetian provinces.

The areas with the most – about thirty – are those of Vicenza and Treviso. Among the residences it is worth mentioning Villa Trissino, formerly a UNESCO heritage site, famous for its Palladian architecture and, in Mogliano Veneto, Villa Condulmer. In the Venetian area, however, the Riviera del Brenta reigns supreme: of the 20 participating villas, half are located between Mira and Stra, including the princely Villa Pisani. Among the 24 Paduan villas, on the other hand, we find the palace of Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta, owned by the Region and which hosts major cultural events and open-air concerts, Villa Valmarana in Noventa Padovana and Petrarca’s house in Arquà, on the Euganean Hills. In the Verona area, on the other hand, 19 villas have signed up to the “Service Charter”. One of the most famous is the Bevilacqua castle. In the Belluno area we find 11 villas, 4 in the Polesine.

The Venetian Villas in the Province of Treviso:

Ca ‘Corner, Tiepolo, Chiminelli in Sant’Andrea beyond Muson
Casa del Francese – Cantine Amistani in Pederiva di Montebelluna
Castelbrando in Cison di Valmarino
Giol Castle in San Polo di Piave
Roncade Castle in Roncade
Monumental Complex Manolesso-Ferro in Treviso
Hotel Relais Monaco in Ponzano Veneto
Hotel Villa Condulmer in Mogliano Veneto
Molon Traverso in Salgareda (Stone Field)
Villa Razzolini Loredan restaurant in Casella d’Asolo
Romantic Hotel Villa Giustinian in Portobuffolè
Villa Benzi Zecchini in Caerano San Marco
Villa Calvi by Coenzo Caragiani in Pederobba, fraz. Covolo
Villa Caprera in Castello di Godego
Villa Corner della Regina in Vedelago, loc. Cavasagra
Villa De Reali, from Canossa to Dosson di Casier
Villa Emo in Fanzolo di Vedelago
Villa Fietta Serena in Asolo
Villa Foscarini Cornaro in Gorgo al Monticano
Villa La Marignana in Mogliano Veneto
Villa Lucheschi Valforte in Colle Umberto
Villa Marcello Marinelli in Cison di Valmarino
Villa Palatini in Vittorio Veneto
Villa Pera in Gaiarine
Villa Revedin Hotel Restaurant in Gorgo al Monticano
Villa Sandi in Crocetta del Montello
Villa Spineda, Dal Vesco, Suppiej in Breda di Piave
Villa Tiepolo Steps in Carbonera
Villa Toderini in Codognè
villa Contarini Nenzi Hotel & SPA in Dosson di Casier

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