“The Via dei Papi” The Popes’ Trial – the first religious itinerary in Veneto

"The Via dei Papi" The Popes' Trial - the first religious itinerary in Veneto

The Via dei Papi – the first religious itinerary in Veneto

The Via dei Papi equipped with footpaths and cycle paths

The religious itinerary ‘La Via dei Papi’ connects the places that gave birth to three popes

Three hundred kilometers of paths and cycle paths against the backdrop of the Dolomites between Lorenzago and Canale d’Agorgo, passing through Belluno and Vittorio Veneto up to Riese Pio X and finally in Venice: it is the Via dei Papi, the first religious tourism itinerary that comes to life in Veneto by joining the places that gave birth to the Venetian Popes (Canale d’Agordo for Pope Luciani, Belluno for Pope Gregory XVI, Riese for Pope Sarto) or hosted them in their summer stays (Lorenzago di Cadore for Pope John Paul II) or in their pastoral commitment (Vittorio Veneto and Venice for Pope Sarto and Pope Roncalli).
The route has been included by the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi in its itineraries: it will bring 150,000 pilgrims on the paths and cycle paths of the Via dei Papi.

The entire eastern section of the Via dei Papi is currently accessible on foot or by bicycle, from Lorenzago di Cadore to Vittorio Veneto, with the possibility of extending to Riese Pio X, the birthplace of Pope Sarto, which already attracts every year over 25 thousand visitors and prepares, in 2014, to celebrate the centenary of his death. The west branch of the Via dei Papi, from Canale d’Agordo to Feltre, still awaits some interventions. With this itinerary, the Veneto is connected to the network of the great European spiritual paths, such as the Via Franchigena or the Santiago de Compostela route, frequented by pilgrims from all over the world. (Handle)

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