Tino Vettorello “paints” his gourmet’s dishes with great taste and colours.

Tino Vettorello "paints" his gourmet's dishes with great taste and colours.

FARRA DI SOLIGO – In the beautiful setting of a Villa Soligo kissed by the sun of a splendid day, in the new restaurant managed by the “Chef of the Stars” Tino Vettorello, a gourmet cooking show that is difficult to find elsewhere was broadcasted. A restaurant that is certainly destined to become a point of reference, and a safe gateway to the Unesco heritage hills that overlook it with the vineyards in full bloom with their intense green color that contrasts with the blue of a clear sky and clear of clouds. This is the scenario in which the well-known Chef performed, designing his dishes as if they were created on an invisible canvas. An impromptu painting, charged with a new, particular, refined, light taste. The dishes seemed to be small dance steps of a dancer from La Scala on the white tablecloths that were the background to the refined colors of the entrées, what Tino Vettorello certainly demonstrated at the Gotha of Venetian and national journalism, gathered at Villa Soligo on Tuesday, and ” his mastery in artistically creating dishes capable of thrilling the taste buds of diners who at the end of this unique and incredible journey into taste and art combined with it, applauded him for having once again demonstrated, even if there was absolutely no need, what can Tino do with that artistic touch that has distinguished his creative cuisine for years now. “Our cuisine – says the chef – will be based on the experience of the working group made up of a formidable kitchen team and an excellent dining room staff with national and international experience. Together with the location of this wonderful Palladian villa and my experience gained in travels to discover different tastes and traditions to marry them with our traditional Venetian cuisine. As always, a lot of research into the product and seasonal first fruits, but also a lot of innovation linked to the history of Prosecco, the cultivation of vegetable gardens, asparagus, chestnuts, our beloved radicchio and my beloved Venetian lagoon cuisine, including fish from the Alto Adriatic and wild herbs of the salt marshes “

From the entrée, to the Mosaic of Tuna with rabbit sauce, crispy celery and quinoa, passing to the Raviolo with Sea bass and smoked butter with hay, candied lemon and olives, to finish with a flourish with the Amberjack with grilled potatoes, nettles and turmeric and champagne sauce. Even the names attributed to the dishes in their refinement contributed to the success decreed by the diners with a long heartfelt applause after the sweet “Tinomisu’ revisited name of the Tiramisu, a well-known dessert of Venetian origins that is popular on all tables of the planet. Tino surprised, hit home, both in taste and in the color combinations that for years have raised him to the Olympus of one of the best chefs in our country, the pride of a Veneto that is second to none even at the table. The large round tables and set with taste and refinement, with pure white cotton tablecloths welcomed his walkway of flavors and colors. All this bathed in an excellent Prosecco and Veneto wines of superior quality, which have been chosen to accompany and enhance the tastes of the dishes without overwhelming the taste, but in a certain way gracing them even more and completing them. At the end of the banquet, the guests visited Villa Soligo which with this event restarts ready to welcome guests who will come after the dark period of the pandemic which, at the thought of the experience made thanks to chef Tino, becomes almost a distant memory and rekindles hope. of rebirth and restart in the name of a Venetian welcome that bodes well for better and more peaceful times.

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