Towards San Vigilio, a spectacular walk to Col San Martino

Towards San Vigilio, a spectacular walk to Col San Martino

Towards San Vigilio, a spectacular walk to Col San Martino
Difficulty: low, suitable for everyone
Journey time: about 2 hours (scarce)
Clothing: comfortable, sports shoes recommended
Period: all year round

The route starts at Col San Martino (Municipality of Farra di Soligo) in Piazza Fontana. Pass in front of the “Da Condo” inn, towards via Canal Nuovo. Near the capital, turn right (Via San Vigilio) where a sign indicates the ascent to the church of San Vigilio, which can be reached after about twenty minutes.

The route allows you to stroll through the vineyards, in a very peaceful atmosphere.

Once you reach the church of San Vigilio, it is a must to stop to admire the historic Romanesque building and the view towards the Quartier del Piave that embraces the municipalities of Moriago della Battaglia on the right, Sernaglia della Battaglia in front and Farra di Soligo and Pieve di Soligo on the left.

From the church, continue uphill on the left through the vineyards, to arrive after about 20/30 minutes at the intersection with the road that goes up the so-called “Val dei Pissotoi”; take this road downhill to come back to via Canal Nuovo and return to the starting point.

The main festivals in Col San Martino
(Municipality of Farra di Soligo)

January 5: El Panevin.
January 17: Panevin di Sant’Antonio.
April: Valdobbiadene DOCG exhibition: it is the oldest of all the exhibitions dedicated to Prosecco Superiore Conegliano – Valdobbiadene.
November: feast of San Martin, to remember the patron saint.

Located in an enchanting site, the Church of San Vigilio dominates from above Col S. Martino and the whole valley up to and beyond the Piave.

A first oratory was built between the 11th and 12th centuries on top of the hill. It was a simple structure, in ‘post-Carolingian’ style, without apse and without bell tower, mentioned as ‘Eclesia San Bosman’ in 1217. The church was later dedicated to San Vigilio, bishop and saint, operating in the Ladin area (Bolzano ). It was enlarged in the fifteenth century and embellished inside with valuable frescoes, then in the sixteenth century the apse was added and the massive bell tower was built that characterizes it and also identifies it from the plain below, as we see it now.

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